Keys to Maintaining Healthy Vocal Cords

The health of a singer’s vocal cords should not be taken for granted. But there are times when problems do occur, and you can’t perform. Even top superstars of the music industry have to interrupt their tour and take some time off because of problems with their voice. That’s why it is vital that your vocal health must not be taken for granted. Once problems develop, you can use your voice, and the career will be placed on hold. In some cases, surgery is needed and that includes a long post-surgery period to recover and rest.
A lot of singers abuse their vocal cords. Most singers perform three hours per night, and this puts a lot of stress on the vocal chords. Other factors that contribute to the detriment of the voice include nutrition, drug use, lack of proper voice training, noisy environments, and smoking. And just like any other health issues, prevention is less expensive and easier than surgery. That’s why it is vital for singers to understand how to maintain healthy vocal chords.
Moisture is the best way to maintain the health of your vocal cords. It is important to keep the cords hydrated through absorption through the system. Drinking water is the best way to hydrate the cords. And if you value your voice, then you should avoid caffeine and alcohol.
The vocal chords vibrate very fast, and it is important to have proper water balance to keep them lubricated. You should sip water on breaks during performances. You can also eat foods that contain large amount of water, such as apples, watermelon, melons, plums, grapes, peaches, pears, applesauce, and bell peppers, just to name a few. When you drink water, it dilutes and flushes mucous in the throat and prevents them from accumulating on the vocal cords.
It is important to humidify your home to keep the moisture level high. It is recommended to put a vaporizer about two feet from your head while sleeping. Cool mist vaporizer is better than a hot one because it doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria in the bedroom. You should not place any additives or fragrances in the vaporizer, especially eucalyptus because it can dry out the voice.
Aside from drinking water, you can also use sprays and potions to help keep the vocal cords moisturized. There are products that have been proven to be effective in keeping your cords healthy. When you are suffering from dry throat, you can use glycerin based lozenges such as Grether’s Black Current Pastilles or throat sprays such as Vocal Eze (
These are the tips that can help singers keep their vocal cords healthy. These tips can help prevent problems with the voice and ensure it will be coated properly. That way the vocal cords will not be sore or become dry during a performance.